Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Design Inspiration - Rejuvenation Seattle

Today I decided to make a trip down to Rejuvenation.  One of the biggest things on my "to do" list is to pick light fixtures for the house.  I have almost all of the light fixtures selected, with the exception of the office and the great room.  Since those are the 2 rooms that you pass by upon entering the house, I wanted the light fixtures to have some sort of architectural interest and character. 
I've always been drawn to the schoolhouse style lighting, but had a hard time getting over the amount of glass on the actual fixtures.  In hopes of finding something different, off to Rejuvenation I went!
Rejuvenation Seattle

The awesome warehouse interior

Tables of milk glass and Jadeite

Tables of salvage goods - lots of glass, crates, copper and brass

Beautiful hardwood floors
 I spent the first part of my time just wandering around the store.  I had no idea that Rejuvenation was more than just a lighting store.  They have some bath accessories (towel bars, soap dishes), door hardware, knobs and pulls and tons of odds and ends.  I loved the overall feel of the store with the rustic flooring, high ceilings and raw timber beams. 

Once I finally got over the milk glass and Jadeite, I started to focus on the lights.  Rejuvenation offers several shades for their schoolhouse fixtures, in various colors.  The shade that I was attracted to the most was the "Eggshell" shade, which has a few bands of opaque coloring around the actual shade - visible when the light is on, hidden when the light is off.  It's just enough detail to give off some visual interest, but not so much detail that the shade becomes overpowering. 

The light below is the 14" schoolhouse light:
Rejuvenation schoolhouse light with "eggshell" shade

Another shot of the Rejuvenation schoolhouse light with "eggshell" shade
Another project that I've been working on is outfitting the doors with hardware.  Since our 5 panel doors came with chrome hinges, we're sort of locked into using chrome to keep the look consistent.  Initially I had requested that the builder change the hardware to satin nickel, but the idea of having the screws replaced in every single door started to seem like a pretty big logistical and financial undertaking. 
I was pleasantly surprised to see a chrome knob in the flesh today, and I really liked how it looked.  It's a nice pop of color on an otherwise traditional door.  I'll be putting up a separate post on door hardware sometime soon!
4 panel door with chrome knobs

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