Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Progress photos

Here are some pictures of our progress to date.  These pictures span from mid May to mid June.  Lots of progress in just one, short month!
Empty lot, approx 8,000 sq ft

First dig!
More digging
The guy in the orange shirt is standing in our basement
The "step" is the crawlspace, adjacent to partial basement that sits under the front half of the house
Clearly we have a water problem.  At this point we consulted a soil/geotechnical engineer to make some suggestions on how to help with drainage to prevent flooding.  
14 inch sump pump conduit, which will have 2 pumps and back up generator power

Preparing the footings
This is right before the dude in the red shirt blasted the other dude in the face with concrete
Good thing they didn't hit the power lines
Framing the footings
More framing
Supplies to frame the footings
Starting to see the footprint of our house!
Cement has been poured
Waiting for it to set
We have walls!

Waiting for the walls to set
Another cement truck
Lots of foundation work!
Attempting to use some of the excess 100 sq ft of dirt to backfill the foundation

Basement slab
Lumber drop!  Simpson Timber
Framers getting started

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