Saturday, October 13, 2012

Design inspiration - Sherwin Williams vs. Benjamin Moore exterior colors

You may remember our 50 shades of gray dilemma, and the attempt to narrow down our exterior color selections. 

Working with gray has been much harder than I anticipated.  It seems as though most of the Benjamin Moore colors that we splashed on the house pulled blue or green. 

While we really did like Benjamin Moore's Rocky Coast, when we started getting paint bids, there was a constant response from all of the painters: Benjamin Moore's paint is roughly twice as expensive as Sherwin Williams, even with a contractor's discount.  We also got the feeling that the quality of Benjamin Moore's paint wasn't necessarily that much better than Sherwin Williams (and you all know that I love Benjamin Moore!).

With that being said, we figured that it was worth the time to look into Sherwin Williams exterior paint.  We ended up painting both Sherwin Williams Cityscape and Grizzle Gray on the house, and both were true gray.  No undertones of blue or green, just gray

Since experimenting with Sherwin Williams grays, we've now decided to use:
 Sherwin Williams SW7067 Cityscape

Here are a few pics to compare Sherwin Williams' Cityscape and Benjamin Moore's Rocky Coast:

Sherwin Williams SW7067 Cityscape on top, Sherwin Williams SW7068 Grizzle Gray on bottom.  Shown in evening light, as the sun was setting.

Benjamin Moore 1595 "Rocky Coast"

Both Sherwin Williams Cityscape and Grizzle Gray are beautiful colors, but at this point, we're more attracted to Cityscape (the lighter shade).  Let's take another look at this beautiful, neutral gray:
Sherwin Williams Cityscape gray, photo from: Healthy Tipping Point

Sherwin Williams Chip It tool, using Cityscape gray

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  1. I'm curious if you have any after pictures of your exterior? I looked but don't see any. I'm in the process of choosing my exterior and have both Grizzle Gray and Cityscape in the mix. I'd love to see the final product to help me decide on my color! I'm at TrinketsOfThought at if you get a second, I'd love to see a pic!