Monday, October 29, 2012

Progress photos - garage door installation

Our garage door was installed this past week, and it looks great!  As you may recall, I wrote an entire post about selecting a garage door. 

I do have to say: since I'm not the engineer of the family, I had no idea how cool a side mount, belt driven garage door open could be.  Not only is the thing almost silent, but it automatically locks upon coming down.  Sound quality and safety in all in one!

Here are a few pics of the garage door - The Therma Classic R006S 2-car steel door.
Therma Classic R006S 2-car steel door from the inside

Therma Classic R006S 2-car steel door after installation

Going up!

Going down!

Garage door after installation with belt drive motor in the upper right hand corner, adjacent to the rail


  1. You will want to consider carefully when making your garage door selection. Before you begin your quest for the perfect door for your garage, make sure you have already established your budget, preferences, needs and your home's style.


  2. Its really interesting to see whole installation process. This is bigger garage door than my door..after installation its looking so good. Thanks for blogger to sharing this pics with us.