Saturday, January 19, 2013

Progress photos - bathroom tile and grout

The tile guys were back to finish up the master bath.  One of the challenges with the tile that we selected is the lack of availability with the bullnose on the 12 inch side.  This posed a problem when trying to figure out how to trim the horizontal surface of tile at the top of the backsplash.

We started looking into decorative trim tiles, which become pretty pricey in large quantities.  In the end, we ended up using a PVC Schluter strip by Pental to finish the edges of our tub backsplash.  Our tile guys mitered the Schluter strip at a 45 degree angle and I think it looks great.  My husband, the mechanical engineer, didn't even realize that it was a product made of PVC!
The corner where the enclosed shower meets the tub backsplash

Pental's PVC Schluter strip on both the horizontal and vertical edges

This shot gives you an idea of the finished look

Shower bench with grout

Spectralock grout after installation - while this is the "Bright White" color, I think it will look much brighter after our final cleaning

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