Saturday, January 19, 2013

Progress photos - painting prep

The painters are back to work on the interior paint.  They've spent the last few days prepping the entire house.

We had a bit of a "situation" with our cabinet maker, and ended up hiring our finish carpenter to finish up some trim work.  Things like: applying kick plates to cover up the rabbit holes in the base of the cabinets, installing crown molding, trimming out the built in filing cabinets in the office, fabrication of sheet metal to properly extend the heating ducts through a few of our cabinet bases.  Obviously when preparing to paint the interior of a house, the more you are towards completion with cutting wood and applying trim, the better.  We still have just a few more things for our finish carpenter to work on, but hopefully those are items that can be touched up during our final walk through with the painter.

Lots of taping

So glad they wrapped all of our beautiful quartz countertops!

Looking all the way up into the foyer

I'll be back early next week with an update on our driveway and front walkway.  If everything goes well, we should have most of our concrete work done this week, and then we can start thinking about our landscaping plan.

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