Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Progress photos - driveway & front walkway

Where does the time go?  Obviously I haven't posted in a while, but that's not for a lack of progress on the house.  I've been busy coordinating the driveway/front walkway, carpet installation, electrical and plumbing.  

The driveway and front walkway are in!  Obviously this was a big item on the checklist towards completion, and one that is totally dependent on weather.  Since we don't usually get sunshine in Seattle until July 5th, it took a bit longer than we had hoped to get the concrete poured.  Everything went smoothly, until the concrete truck broke the sidewalk.  This is something that the city will hold us accountable for (ie: we have to replace it).  To be quite honest, I'm surprised that the sidewalk has stayed intact for this long.  

Without further adieu, here are some pics:

Excavation of the old black top that was placed when the lot was subdivided

Our concrete guy left the keys in this thing.  Tempting, very tempting...

Placement of the new drain

Gravel delivered - this was spread out and sits underneath the concrete and rebar

The cement truck

Waiting for the mixture to come down the chute

The driveway as the sun is setting

Forms for the front walkway

Concrete guys, hard at work!

Pouring the front walkway

The giant concrete "Swiffer," as I liked to call it

Waiting for the front walkway to set up

The finished product

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