Sunday, August 19, 2012

Progress photos - roof

We've made lots of progress since my last update!  The roof is on.  We used the Timberline HD series from GAF.  I can't say that I know much about roofing, but this is the roof that we selected with our contractor. 

Per the GAF website, here's what we get with our roof:

 GAF Lifetime Roofing System
Image courtesy of

GAF has a lot of really nice, neutral colors.  We went back and forth between using a brown or a black, and in the end, we decided to use their "charcoal" color.  Here are a few pics of what our home looks like with the roof:
Front elevation with GAF's Timberline HD "Charcoal" roof

Close up of GAF's Timberline HD "Charcoal" roof - lots of nice color variation in each panel


  1. If you’re not too familiar with roofing materials, one basic and important feature that you should highly consider is the ‘year,’ which refers to the length of the warranty. You may choose among these: 25, 30, or 50 year shingles. Also, to ensure that the materials you chose would live their expected lifespan, hire a contractor that is proven to have the expertise in installing high-quality roofing materials. Your new roof looks great, by the way!

    Willie Norman

  2. Willie is right, Lindsay. The roof must be carefully chosen as it is the part of the house that protects us. Another thing you should consider is the color; it should fit right to the weather condition of the location. FYI: dark colors take up more heat than light ones, so they suit northern climates, but usually don't last long in hotter areas.

    Joanne Barragan

  3. What I consider when picking a roof is the neighborhood I live in. If I'm in the area where most houses are in colonial style, then I'll try to blend in. I'll pick a color I want that belongs to the same shade or I'll try to coordinate the design of the shingles with theirs. =)

    Missie Rice