Sunday, September 30, 2012

Progress photos - gas main connection & garage slab

Last week we connected to the gas main and the garage slab was poured.  Thankfully both events went pretty seamlessly with the exception of tearing out the grass strip adjacent to the neighbor's driveway, across the street.  I'd be lying if I said that the process of connecting to the gas main didn't make me a little bit nervous.  It was a fascinating process to watch them burrow through the ground, underneath the street at a depth of approximately 5 feet down.  I've always been fascinated by underground work, particularly mining, and this was no exception. 

It just happened that while the gas company was digging underground, the cement truck showed up to pour the garage slab.  The driver of the concrete truck had a pretty tight space to back into, and he managed it beautifully.  The crew laid the rebar, checked the consistency of the mix and started to pour.  If I had my fishing boots in my car, I probably would've jumped in and helped!  Although knowing my luck I'd get caught up on the rebar and face plant into the cement. 

Starting to dig on the other side of the street

Drilling under the street

Laying rebar in the garage
Don't let the picture fool you, it was a very tight fit to get the truck in without running over the pile of siding on the other side of the truck.  Well done!
First pour, making sure the consistency is just right

This is the point where I wanted to jump in...

...and this is the point where I realized that would be a bad idea!

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