Sunday, September 16, 2012

Progress photos - retaining wall

Our landscaper and his crew managed to finish most of the retaining wall, in just one day.  They ended up running short on crushed rock and have one last row to finish up as time and weather allows.  We're thrilled with how the wall looks - both the color and the gentle curve into the staircase.  The lower tier will be filled with grass and the upper tier will be a combination of grass, perennials, annuals, fruit trees, garden beds and decorative rockery. 

Mutual Materials Northwest Blend

View of the retaining wall from the north side of the yard

View of the retaining wall from the south side of the yard



  1. This is really informative blog, I am very thankful for sharing this one.


  2. Hi Mike-

    Thanks for reading! Check back often - as the house progresses, I'll talk more about finishing the interior and landscaping the yard.

    All the best,