Friday, September 28, 2012

Progress photos - siding

Just a quick update with lots of pictures of the siding.  Our Russian siding guy does incredible work and he's even taught me a few catch phrases in Russian.  I can now say yes/no/thanks and a few choice words.  I'm sure my parents are exceptionally proud that I can swear in three languages.  Cпасибо (thanks) for stopping by!
Tar paper wrap, applied to the front of the house

Siding going on to the front of the house

One of my favorite details to the front elevation, the circle window in the master bedroom!

View of the backyard, retaining wall and back siding

Love the gentle curve of the retaining wall, and how the windows are wrapped in white trim

Back window detail - we elected to put the sill on the bottom, for added character

A simple window, trimmed on the north side of the house

Can't believe that the siding guy is doing the entire house by himself!

Beautiful pine tongue and groove detailing on the underside of the master bath

Having recently attended a trauma conference, the fact that our beloved siding guy is up on the scaffolding without a harness makes me nervous!

I'll be back over the weekend with an update on the garage slab, insulation and how to pick an exterior paint color for your home!  


  1. The color of the siding you used is stunning! I also like the design of the underside of the master bath for others would use plain boards with a plain color.

    Sandra Ludwig

  2. Thanks so much, Sandra! The person who did our siding ended up installing the tongue and groove on the underside of the master bath, and I think it gives that side of the house some added character.