Sunday, July 15, 2012

Design inspiration - flea market bench

Last week, my girlfriend called and asked if I was interested in visiting a flea market in Bremerton.  Since some of the best days begin with spontaneity, we decided to load the kids in the car, pack up a picnic lunch and hop the ferry.  After an hour ferry ride, we took a short 5 minute drive to the flea market and when I walked in, I knew that I had found a bench for our mudroom.  Since our built in cabinet bids came in at around $350 for just the mudroom bench, I knew that I had to get creative and find some sort of bench that would work in the space.  It had to be sturdy, cute and fit into the 2 x 4 foot space.  

Handmade 30 years ago by a local woodworker, I scored this bench for $36!  The underside has a handwritten note from the woodworker, and several reinforcements, which explains why it held 2 women and their kids without a hint of movement.
 I cut a check to the owner of the flea market, we shuffled the kids and their carseats and divided them between the second and third row of seats in my car, loaded the bench in and off we went!
View of the new Seattle Sky Wheel from the car deck of the ferry

Space Needle

Sometimes it just goes to show that you can have the look you're going for while staying way under budget!

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