Monday, July 2, 2012

Progress photos - framing the first floor

We've made great progress with framing the first floor, and so far things have gone quite smoothly.  We did have a slight issue with the height of window placement.  I'm not sure if it was an issue with the architectural plans or if the framers screwed up, but several of the windows were set too low.  The kitchen windows are supposed to sit 6 inches above the finished countertop height and they were framed in well below the countertop height.  Obviously that's a big problem, and I'm thankful that we caught it early in the framing process.  Mistakes are much easier to fix at this point and it just goes to show you that my daily visits to the job site are a good thing.  I met with the lead framer today and we ended up changing the height of most of the first floor window sills, which will allow us to have more of a usable wall and extra space to place furniture. 

First lumber drop

Subfloor is in with a frame around the staircase into the basement

Looking at the great room and the frame around the staircase

The extension cord is sitting in the office with foyer, coat closet and stairs directly to the right

Standing in the great room looking at the door to the garage

Front of the house

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