Sunday, July 15, 2012

Progress photos - rooms are framed on the second floor

Here are a few more progress photos from this last week.  You can see that the sky is threatening in some of the pics, especially the shot of the staircase.

All of the rooms on the second floor are framed! The rooms on the first floor (and basement) are also framed, but I keep forgetting to take pictures.  I'll be sure to snap some this week and post them up on the blog.

Here are the pics of the second floor:
Looking up the stairs to the bonus room and guest bedroom.  If you take a right at the top of the stairs, our master bedroom is at the front of the house.

Bonus room, on the back of the house - the windows face east and south

Guest room, on the back of the house - window facing due east

Laundry room (yes, our laundry is upstairs!) , on the back of the house - window facing due east

Guest bathroom, in between the front and back of the house - the toilet will sit right below the window, which faces north and the tub/shower combination will be right where the piece of wood is leaning against the wall.

Linen closet, adjacent to the upstairs hallway - will be finished with french doors

Child's room dormer, on the front of the house, facing west  - great lake view from this room!

Master bedroom bay window, facing west.  Our bed will go in between the two square windows (you can see one of the square windows on the left side of the picture)

Master walk in closet

Master bath - the wall to the left of the water jug is where the vanity will sit, with dual sinks.  The small room beyond the water jug is the water closet

Another view of the master bath.  The soaking tub will be placed right where the stack of wood is sitting.  There's a big window adjacent to the tub to allow for lots of natural lighting and ventilation.

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