Sunday, July 15, 2012

Progress photos - second floor

The framers have been working hard on the second floor and they've made great progress.  We've had some unusual weather for Seattle, with thunderstorms and lightning, so it's been hard for the framers to work their full day schedule.  They usually start around 7am and work until about 3:30pm, but with the weather being pretty labile this week, their hours have been cut short.

I really can't say enough good things about our framers!  There are usually 4 guys working on any given day, and I've gotten to know all of them over the past few weeks.  They continually impress me with their hard work, cleanliness on the job site and flexibility with the changes that have come up along the way.

The huge beam in the garage - the guys lifted the beam up and dropped it in by hand!

Front view of the garage

The stairs are in!  At this point, it's really starting to feel like our house.  You can see the "rail" that the framers put in, which leads to the basement.  We'll be going with an open railing concept, so that the basement railing/stairs are visible from the foyer.  Sort of the "old world" style that we love.

Second floor subfloor, looking towards the back of the house

Second floor, back wall

Second floor child's bedroom.  You can see the sloping of the roof line, which will be a large dormer.  

Master bedroom bay window with peekaboo lake view - once the leaves drop in the winter, we should have a fantastic view of the water and the Olympic mountains.  Eventually, the power lines will go underground, leaving us with a mostly unobstructed view.

Front elevation starting to take shape

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